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Career boost?

If you ever questioned the benefits of joining a local Young Farmers' Club, then have a read of these fantastic tales of blooming careers and fantastic friendships.

“YFC has helped me immensely with setting up my own business. After an opportunity to apply for a business start-up loan through Staffordshire FYFC, I received £1,000 in May." Emily Cartmail, Staffordshire FYFC. Read more

“Without a doubt YFC has helped me throughout my career. A lot of young farmers (me included) are petrified when someone mentions public speaking." Darren Gray, Northumberland FYFC. Read more.

"YFC has helped me massively in my career. Thanks to YFC, I am confident at dealing with a wide-range of people and can strike up a conversation with almost anybody!" Kate Mellor, Berkshire. Read more.

"It’s thanks to a good YFC friend that I am doing the job I do now. YFC is a huge family and everyone looks out for each other." Lucy Stowell, Norfolk FYFC. Read more.

“YFC has given me confidence along with empathy and understanding of rural life. It's played a part in the setting up of my own business too." Caroline Dawson, Wales. Read more.

"YFC has improved my confidence massively and given me the knowledge and contacts to progress in agriculture," Hannah Irons, Cambridgeshire. Read more.

"YFC stood me in great stead for a job in teaching as it helped my enthusiasm, my presentation and the ability to stand up in front of anyone." Katie Baines, Kent. Read more.

Moving home? 

If you are moving away from home for a new job, university or a placement year - then why not join a new YFC while you're there. For these guys, it was one of the best decisions they have ever made!

"I didn’t know anyone in the local area and so joining a local YFC seemed to be the best and easiest way for me to make friends in a new location." Ashling Tooling, Leciestershire FYFC. Read more.

"Going to YFC once a week gave me an opportunity to mix with some like-minded country people like myself, a chance to get out of the city, and take a break from all the intense university work." Eleanor Durdy, Yorkshire FYFC.Read more.

"Moving clubs benefits you and the club you join as you gain new skills as well as passing on new ideas." Shelley Downs, Devon FYFC. Read more. 

"If it wasn’t for joining YFC, I wouldn’t have gone to university and been where I am now." Matthew Southall, Warwickshire FYFC. Read more.

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