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Bovine TB

A reminder that a new version of is available. Improvements include 10 years of breakdown data, a links page and improvements to the ‘help’ pages and you can view the new video showing you how to make the most of the system.

There’s lots of information and practical advice on all aspects of bTB available on the TB hub website – from biosecurity and responsible cattle movements, to TB testing and what happens during a TB breakdown.

The TB hub has factsheets, case studies, videos, and FAQs which can help those affected by or working with the threat of bTB. The latest version of ibTB, is an online interactive mapping tool that displays the location of TB breakdowns in England and Wales. You can use the tool to raise awareness of how farmers can check the bTB risk of cattle that they are buying and make informed, responsible choices.

We look forward to Defra representatives joining future NFYFC events for discussion with YFC members when Covid-19 restrictions are lifted.


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