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Seasonal activities 

With warmer weather and lighter evenings there’s so many activities for YFCs to enjoy doing outside during the summer months. If you’re still putting together ideas for the next few months, then take a look at some of the suggestions below which will make great additions. You can also find more in Section 4 of The Source – The Club Mix.

Butter Making

Get tubs of single and double cream and put them in a sealed container.

Shake the container until the cream turns into butter and butter milk.

Make this a competition by seeing who can turn their cream into butter the quickest. Suitable for all ages.

Milk it

Borrow two clean teat buckets. Fill both with water to the same level. In two teams, each member has two minutes to milk before the next member takes over. First empty bucket wins. Suitable for younger ages.

School presentations

Use the skills and knowledge of YFC members to promote and raise awareness of YFC and its involvement with agriculture and rural affairs by arranging to visit local schools (when restrictions allow).

You can download the Future Farming materials, which can be delivered with a YFC Trainer, or why not encourage members to get involved in Farmer Time and visit a classroom via video calls?

Blind Taste Test

Select a range of British foods, for example, a selection of different flavoured crisps. Empty each packet into a bowl, labelling the bottom of the bowl with the flavour. Line up the bowls and one at a time, each blindfolded member takes their turn at identifying each flavour. A club leader writes down the answers for each person and counts the number of correct answers.

Ready, Steady, Cook

Buy British food ingredients for members to cook a meal. Ensure your venue has cooking facilities and carry out a risk assessment. In two teams, exchange a bag of ingredients and allow 30 minutes to prepare and cook a dish. Suitable for older members.

Host a construction night

Ask members to get into small teams, see what they can build with paper and cellotape or spaghetti and marshmallows.

Test their communication skills by asking them to build something without talking.

Plan a farm walk 

If you’re organising a farm walk make sure you plan content, taking on board any potential risks such as livestock, machinery, water or slurry lagoons. With the farmer’s permission you could also share some positive food and farming messages and hopefully attract some future YFC members.

Healthy diet

Why not run a ‘Come Dine With Me’ competition either within your club or challenge other clubs to take part? It is a fun way to learn to cook, show off your skills and get to know fellow members better. The NHS eatwell plate is a useful tool. 

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