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YFC Operation Green toolkit

Protecting our planet and securing our future is a global challenge but YFC can play its part too. During NFYFC’s 90th year, we’re calling on all YFCs to take part in YFC Operation Green to ensure YFCs and our rural communities are here for generations to come.

Litter remains a huge problem in the countryside – especially following the increased number of visitors to green spaces during the pandemic. All this excess waste will be having a detrimental impact on wildlife and YFC can help to do something about it and support our local communities.

Working with the Environment Agency, NFYFC is launching YFC Operation Green and asking YFCs and County Federations to organise a project in their local community that positively contributes to improving the natural environment. These projects can include litter picks, cleaning up local areas, cleaning signage, improving areas such as the village hall or planting trees and improving natural habitats.

YFCs can work with local schools or other youth groups to develop their projects too – it can be a great way to strengthen community links and work together to achieve your goals.

This online toolkit will help you to organise a litter pick or other project, as well as gather advice and resources to action, record and promote your clean-up operation. 

Inside your toolkit:  

Key timings 

How to organise a litter pick

Access to litter kits

Litter pick challenges 

More local project ideas 

Health and Safety guidance 


Thank you to our project partners  




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