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Fundraising guidance for clubs and counties

Many, if not all, YFC Clubs and YFC County Federations raise money to support the running of their own Club or County YFC.  Many, if not all, YFC Clubs and YFC County Federations raise money for other charities e.g. the local Air Ambulance, Guide Dogs etc.

This guidance is to help you comply with the Charity Commission requirements on fundraising, and to maximise the “good news” stories for YFC.

Good fundraising practice 

Unfortunately, there are bogus fundraisers who claim to raise money for charity – and then pocket the money themselves.  The Charity Commission is aware of this and conscious that such practice was putting people off from giving money to charity – no-one is going to give money if there is no guarantee that the money is reaching the desired recipient.  The points below are from the Charity Commission and Fundraising Regulator:

1) At any charitable fundraising event, it should be clearly stated who/which organisation is the beneficiary of the money raised (and reference the charity number).  So, for example, if you are having a dance and the money raised is going towards Club funds, then this should be made clear to all attending.  Likewise, if the raffle money is to be sent to the local Hospice, this should be clearly indicated on the tickets and explained during the promotion and drawing of the raffle. You can check that the organisation is a bona fide charity by asking for their charity number and checking on the Charity Commission charity finder;

2) In all promotional materials about taking part in an event, particularly materials sent as part of ‘fundraising packs’, you must clearly indicate if any part of the money a person taking part raises will be used towards their expenses or otherwise to benefit them. You must make sure that all marketing materials have accurate and clear details of the event and clearly state how the money raised from the event will be used.

3) money raised for individuals in need is allowable, and again the purpose for which the money is being raised should be clearly identifiable e.g. YFC can raise money for an individual who is ill or has been injured, provided the purpose for raising money is clearly stated on all the literature and displayed at the fundraising event.

Choosing an external charity to support

There are many “good causes” for which YFC could raise money and it is important that each Club, or County, takes time to consider the competing interests of various charities.  It is a good idea to set aside time at a Club or County meeting to review the respective merits of various charities being considered and to minute the names of these charities, and the final selection agreed by YFC members.

Remember to contact the charity that you are fundraising for. As well as being able to provide you with advice, they often have promotional materials that could support your fundraising activities and they should be comfortable with that you are going to do.

Recording the amount of money raised

When raising money for other charities, the Charity Commission recommends that separate financial records are kept and all monies raised for YFC should be clearly itemised in the Club Accounts.

If YFC is organising the event, then this should be a matter of clearly identifying any expenditure incurred in running the event, and detailing the amount raised in the Club or County accounts.  The amount handed over to the beneficiary charity should also be clearly stated in the Accounts.  You must agree in advance with the beneficiary charity if there are to be any expenses or fees that will be deducted from collection boxes. It is advisable that all legitimate expenses incurred by YFC in arranging the event are recovered by YFC.

YFC may well fundraise as part of a team of fundraisers for a special event, e.g. as part of a Carnival procession, or holding collection boxes at an Agricultural Show.  In these instances you should obtain a receipt from the Treasurer of the Carnival Committee or the Agricultural Show for the amount collected by YFC.  You must make sure that during the event that any unsecured cash is not left unattended. All cash you have collected should be counted in a secure place and recorded by two unrelated people (wherever possible).

When handing the collection box over to the Treasurer, the receipt given to you by the Treasurer then acts as a record of the amount YFC has contributed to the overall funds. Any cash should be kept secure and banked as soon as possible.

Benefiting from YFC good news stories

Local newspapers and radios are always keen to promote good news stories, and YFC raising money for other charities in their community is a good news story.  This gives a wonderful opportunity to promote the good work that YFC does – but do remember to include in the press release how potential new members, wanting to join in the fun activities of YFC, can contact you in order to join.  Large cheques, which are usually chosen for photo opportunities, are available from your Bank.

Enjoy your fundraising! 


Designed by Kevyn Williams