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Representing young farmers

NFYFC represents its farming members and gives a voice to the next generation of farmers through YFC AGRI.  

YFC AGRI is a dynamic group of YFC members from across England and Wales who are passionate about agriculture and the countryside. The group meets regularly to discuss the changes in the industry, the impact on young farmers and ways in which the organisation can help promote agriculture and offer its support to the next generation. 

YFC AGRI is responsible for a diverse range of work, including representing young farmers' views nationally and regionally and developing opportunities for training, events and resources for YFC members. More information about the work of YFC AGRI is available here

The group has an AGRI Ambition document here which highlights its aims for Your Future Countryside and also has an AGRI position paper Considerations for a future British Agricultural Policy.

Responding to consultations 

A large part of work by YFC AGRI is responding to consultations, where ideas or areas of concern are raised, and collaborative opportunities considered.

Consultation topics include:

Rural future research

NFYFC launched a survey, ‘Your Post-Brexit Rural Future’ in 2020 aimed at giving young people living and working in the countryside a voice on their current situation and how they felt about the future. Funded by Defra and led by the NFYFC and Rose Regeneration, the findings highlighted the key issues faced by those who wanted to remain working and living in a rural location – now and in the future. Read the survey findings here. 


Stay informed 

You can keep track of news on the AGRI Officer Facebook page, the NFYFC news section of the website and on NFYFC's social media channels.  

Read the latest issue of the YFC AGRI newsletter here.





NFYFC is also part of The Prince's Countryside Directory of Rural Support, which you can view here



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