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The NFYFC and Savills Smart Farming Guide, NFYFC and Savills-Business and Tenancy Training and the Welsh Farming Connect Venture Programme can all help with business opportunities and advice.

A business training podcast will help YFC members to:

  • Be prepared for a farming business future
  • Take advantage of professional advice
  • Benchmark existing skills.

NFYFC undertook two Defra-funded research projects in 2012 and 2014 to help establish work to support future business opportunities in England.  The current Defra New Entrants Scheme co-design process will help to further establish support and opportunities.

Business Wales offers its Farming Connect Venture programme and this comprises:

  • information on various joint venture options
  • an integrated package of training, mentoring, business support and specialist legal advice, tailored to your personal and business requirements
  • the skills, guidance and support you need to help you achieve your goals
  • a list of potential joint venture partners through a database of newcomers wanting a route into farming or forestry and established landowners considering leaving or scaling down.

Visit the Farming Connect Venture programme to find information, training and specialist support.

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