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NFYFC President

Poul Christensen CBE was elected President of NFYFC in 2013 to promote the organisation and support members. Poul is the Chair of Natural England and a Director of a successful family dairy farming business in Oxfordshire. He joined Young Farmers as a member when he was 12 and his four children have all been members too.

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Board of Management

The Board of Management is made up of National Council leaders, area representatives and specialists in areas such as finance, employment law and safeguarding. They are there to guide and support the National Council and to help implement the decisions they make.

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Council and Steering groups

Members are the bricks and mortar of NFYFC and it is members who decide how the organisation should be run. But with 25,000 members that could be a very long meeting!

This is where the National Council and Steering Groups come in. Elected by YFC members, the National Council make all the big decisions in NFYFC. Steering groups are charged by the National Council with leading on their specialist areas and to be ambassadors for NFYFC.

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NFYFC may be led by the members, but there is also a dedicated staff team based in Warwickshire who help to create a framework for national activities. The team organise national competitions and training, give members a voice in agriculture, ensure members remain safe, and promote the organisation at a national level.

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Clubs and Counties

Every member of YFC belongs to a local club and this is where the fun stuff really happens! Clubs are run by the members, and meet regularly to take part in a variety of activities, as well as competitions, training, events and trips. Each club is supported by a County Federation, with county committees and staff organising competitions and events. These federations are affiliated to NFYFC.

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