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Senior Member of the Year 

Congratulations to the seven finalists of the Senior Member of the Year competition. The finalists will now undergo an online interview process and the winner will be announced on Saturday 15 August, 2020.

Lucy Stowell




Dereham YFC

What I love about YFC

Young Farmers is an organisation for everyone; a place to go and have fun as a group of young people. Learn new skills and different ways of thinking. It is also a place to achieve targets and goals.

YFC allows everyone to grow their individual personalities but also to help others in their times of need. An organisation which has charity and the well-being of others at its heart and a place to go so you don't feel isolated in a rural environment.

I have been fortunate to have the opportunity of joining YFC aged 10 and I have always said yes to everything it has to offer. I have helped raised thousands of pounds for charity whilst having fun with my friends, competing in competitions and constantly learning new skills; whilst also following my goals to achieve so much.

I would have never been able to have these opportunities without this organisation and will always be grateful.

Why I should win Senior Member of the year

Two key phrases I live my life by is everything happens for a reason and the more you put into something the more you get out; Young Farmers is not an exception to that. Having 16 years of experience and achievements I owe the organisation so much including my confidence and gaining my voice.

I would love to encourage clubs to engage with junior members as this can really help make someone the person they are. If I didn't have YFC as the escape from normal life when I was a junior member I certainly wouldn't be in my current job or be the person I am now. I have experienced all levels of YFC, age and roles to suit and feel I have a rounded knowledge to help and support members no matter what their age and requirements.

Young Farmers has helped me through the hardest part in my life and I want to ultimately show how I have progressed through the other side and continued to take as much as I can out of the organisation to develop myself as an individual but also to give back to the organisation that has given me everything.

Mared Esyllt Evans




Penybont YFC

What I love about the YFC:

I love the fact that there is something for everyone within the YFC movement as there is such a wide variety of activities and competitions offered on a  local, county and national level. You do not have to come from a farming background to join, and you can take part in as little, or as many events as you like, learning new skills and making friends along the way. Friendships are forged at every level across the country, and I’m proud to be a member. I love the fact that we accomplish so much in our communities by being involved with various charities, not only fundraising on their behalf but also by raising awareness for a variety of issues

Why should I win Senior Member of the Year:

I am proof that you do not need to come from a farming background to succeed within the YFC. I joined as a shy 12 year old and over the years I have been encouraged by Penybont YFC club leaders to participate in a wide variety of activities and competitions.

Even though some of these have been way outside my comfort zone, by taking part I have gained confidence and a strong self-belief that anything is possible. I am not only actively involved in my local community, but also within County and National levels, and I aim to ‘give back’ to the community by being a role model for other YFC members, especially the younger members. The lockdown period has made me realise how much the YFC movement means to my local community.

I have been able to assist the elderly by collecting prescriptions and shopping for necessities, and the gratitude which has been shown is overwhelming. I encourage my fellow members to grasp every opportunity that comes their way and to make the most of what the YFC can offer.

Even though I am a member of Penybont YFC, my experiences and personal successes has enabled me to help with coaching individuals and groups from other clubs in selected competitions. By forming a bond with other clubs and encouraging others I believe I am a good ambassador in promoting the YFC motto to nurture good citizens and countrymen.

My time as a competing member is nearing its ‘sell by date’ and I hope, by being chosen as Senior NFYFC Member of the Year, it will enable me to inspire our younger members to get involved and to make the most of every opportunity.

Will Longmire




Lowick YFC, Cumbria

What I love about YFC:

For me, Young Farmers is predominantly about socialising, and meeting like-minded people from across the country – it is a youth organisation like no other. The endless opportunities the organisation promotes and provides to all members from the socially minded to the totally ambitious member looking for a challenge and to learn and extend their skills.

The social side is vitality important for rural members giving them a social network, especially in times as these past few months when Covid-19 has wreaked havoc in many communities. Mental health in agriculture is well documented but because of the isolation many feel they are alone without a ‘familiar’ face to support – this is where for ‘young’ farmers the organisation is not only a social gathering but can also be a life-line. As the old, old saying, you only get out of life what you put in and that is my belief when it comes to young farmers!!

Why I should win Senior Member of the Year:

I like to think I am one of the most enthusiastic, sociable and helpful members of this fantastic organisation. I make every effort to encourage and motivate all members to take part in any activity be it familiar or new. The challenge may lead to new skills that could last a life time but most important, is the friendship and enjoyment of everyone. It is vital to keep the sportsmanship and friendship at the forefront of this organisation if members are to feel valued and vital so that they become actively involved and engaged.

I have been told that I am easy to talk to and that I do listen no matter what the circumstance; this I feel is a real compliment and one that makes me feel proud to be considered a confidant. Bringing the best out in people takes time and patience this is especially important at club level particularly with the new or younger members. If the organisation is to thrive and meet the demands of the 21st century I feel it is important that we invest time in our junior members encourage intermediate members and seek the advice and example of our seniors. If we do this our ‘national’ organisation will be a force to be reckoned with!!

YFC is an important and huge part of my life and I am who I am because of it.

Grace Millbank




Oundle YFC

What I love about YFC:

The thing I most love about YFC is that the themes of fun, learning and achievement really are there in all of the activities that we’re doing. Particularly the learning and achievement side we perhaps don’t realise we’re picking up new skills all of the time because we think we’re just having fun with our friends but actually we’re learning a huge amount.

Why I should win Senior Member of the Year:

The reason I believe I should be the Senior Member of the Year is that I have been involved in lots of different levels of YFC and tried to use my experiences at all of those different levels to implement changes and to feedback from the members up to the committees that are making the decisions. 

Rosie Bennett




Honiton YFC

What I love about YFC

I love Young Farmers because it has given me so much – from friends, skills and confidence, and I will use this in every day of my life. Not to mention an awesome social life that no other organisation can give anyone.

Why I should win Senior Member of the Year

I think I should win Senior Member of the Year because I am a member that will give everything a go, take on a roles that not many other people want to do. I am a true ambassador of Young Farmers and think it’s really important to encourage our junior and normal club member to get involved as much as possible. By being active in club and county in the last couple of years of my membership, I think I can help push forward the national young farmers’ movement. 

Henry Graham




Great Shefford YFC 

What I love about YFC

I don’t think it is possible to limit it to just a few things that I love about YFC, as there are so many contributing attributes that make YFC great as a whole. If I was to identify one thing, I would say community. You may have a problem and among the vast amount of members, staff and volunteers someone will be able to help you no matter what the problem. You are able to travel across the country throughout the year for competitions, social events or to see friends. Inevitably you will bump into someone that you know and they will have a smile that becomes infectious and leaves you happy for the rest of the day. No matter if you have been part of YFC for one year or ten years you are always welcome and you will never forget your time as a member.

Why I should win Senior Member of the Year 

I feel that I should win as I represent the YFC unspoken morals which are: work hard, play hard and don’t do things by halves. If you want something then you have to put in the graft and hard work to achieve it, nothing will just land on your lap. However when you achieve your goal (small or big) ensure you enjoy it and treat yourself. Life is still for living and enjoying and don’t dwell on the things that you may not succeed in. One way that I have showed this is in YFC stockjudging. Which I thoroughly enjoy and have always taken part in. My family has been heavily involved in YFC and my mother came third at national when she was a member. My aim is to place higher than her! Last year I came fourth overall, and was hoping to place higher this year but next year will have to be my final hurrah to succeed. But at any event, there is always time for a catch-up with friends over a drink and make lasting relationships that last for years.  

Victoria Rowlands




Alberbury YFC

Hello to all my fellow young farmers, past, present and new,

Twenty two thousand of us around the country, and that’s only just a few!

My names Victoria Rowlands and I’m 25 years old,

I’ve been in Alberbury Young farmers 11 years now, with a few tales to be told.

I’m a Shropshire member through and through, but why do I love YFC?

From debating to pantomime, club exchanges to charity challenges, a few of the things that make me happy!

An organisation for anyone and everyone, meeting people from here to Timbuktu,

It has shaped me to the woman I am today, never afraid to try something new.

Why should I win senior member of the year? That’s a great question to ask...

I’m a fun and happy member, who will try anything and I will always be up for any task!

I’ve cycled around Wales and run to Snowdon with Alberbury raising for charity over 25,000 pounds,

Now you’ll find me organising dances, balls, and big party we can throw, once Covid gone and we’re safe and sound!

I’m a strong, well spoken, outgoing individual and thanks to Young farmers I’ve grown into the person I always aspired to be,

I’ve been involved in every aspect of YFC, for almost half of my life. And that is why YFC will always be my extended family! 


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