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A massive thank you to all our sponsors, partners and supporters for all the work they do to support Young Farmers' Clubs. Here are a few messages of support for National Young Farmers' Week.


“Tama are proud to support The National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs and we love working with them to help and encourage the next generation of farmers. Andy Lanczak in particular has met a lot of YFC members, meeting many of them at the Annual Convention and various agricultural shows. His various club talks, on a wide-range of agricultural topics, have always seen him greeted with a warm welcome with lots of positive feedback that shows that YFC members know their stuff (and are keen to learn more!). Here’s to the 24,500 Young Farmers across England and Wales and to a very bright future for your Federation. Happy National Young Farmers’ Week!”

Rutland Electric Fencing
“It is so important to help the next generation of farmers learn key industry skills and we are proud to be helping make this happen with our support of key YFC competitions, such as Stockman of the Year and Fence Erecting. Young Farmers’ Clubs are the perfect platform for progressing a career in agriculture and we are thrilled to play a part in assisting the development of young people’s futures – as well as having a lot of fun along the way! Happy National Young Farmers’ Week!”


Neil Keeble, Senior Area Sales Manager, ATV & Marine, Honda (UK)
 ‘“Working with Young Farmers’ Clubs means we have direct contact with the next generation of farmers and can offer our safety expertise to help develop young people’s skills when handling an ATV. We are excited to be working even more closely with the clubs this winter with our free ATV maintenance and safety training offer. YFC members have loads of passion for the industry and our countryside and we’re happy to share our enthusiasm with them too! Happy National Young Farmers’ Week.”


“NatWest is a big supporter of the next generation of farmers and we are proud to work with YFCs to help improve their financial skills. Our training with club treasurers is helping young people learn budgeting and accountancy skills that will help them in their future careers and lives – whatever their chosen profession. Happy National Young Farmers’ Week.”



De Lacy
“De Lacy are proud supporters of The National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs and enjoy helping Young Farmers prepare for the professional world of work. Our support of the Situations Vacant competition this year has hopefully helped participants create compelling CVs and improved their job interview skills. Happy National Young Farmers’ Week!”


“Kuhn are very excited to be celebrating National Young Farmers’ Week. We’re massive supporters of Young Farmers’ Clubs because of the work they do to nurture our future farmers and industry professionals. We love working with NFYFC’s Agricultural and Rural Issues Steering Group and supporting their projects to improve YFC members’ skills. Happy National Young Farmers’ Week and here’s to a very bright future.”


British Wool
“British Wool enjoys working with Young Farmers’ Clubs to promote the wool processing chain from fleece to end product. We actively support young farmers who are starting out in the sheep industry, provide shearing and related courses and get involved in relevant YFC competitions when we can. YFCs are a great place to learn new skills and are developing many of our future farmers. Happy National Young Farmers’ Week.”




Massey Ferguson 

“What an amazing opportunity Young Farmers’ Clubs offer for rural young people. Being part of a YFC opens doors for you into some of the industry’s leading organisations and Massey Ferguson is proud to be one of them. We absolutely love supporting NFYFC’s Annual Convention and being part of this massive weekend always reminds us what a fantastic bunch of Young Farmers we have in England and Wales. Happy National Young Farmers’ Week!” 

NFU Charitable Trust 

“The NFU Mutual Charitable Trust is delighted to be celebrating the brilliant work that Young Farmers’ Clubs do to enhance rural young people, not just during National Young Farmers’ Week but all year round. The Trust helps to fund NFYFC’s unique training and travel opportunities that play a major role in the advancement of young people from rural communities by improving their education, careers and social mobility. YFC members tell us that their YFC Travel adventures are life-changing and we are delighted to be a supporter of their worldwide programme.”



“BASC is really excited to be working with Young Farmers’ Clubs and helping to promote firearm safety through its sponsorship of the Clay Pigeon Shooting competition. We believe shooting and conservation go hand in hand and it is great to be sharing those positive messages with the next generation of farmers. Happy National Young Farmers’ Week.” 

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