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A big thanks to our supporters from the world of television and radio.

Charlotte Smith, NFYFC's President and presenter of Farming Today and Countryfile

“I am very proud to be the President of the National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs and want the nation to know more about one of our countryside’s best kept secrets. YFC is more than farming - it’s one of the only rural youth services we have that helps develop young people’s skills and provides a much-needed social network in the countryside. Here’s to a successful National Young Farmers’ Week, raising awareness of this fantastic organisation and celebrating all that is great about our young people.”

NFYFC Ambassador Chris Stark from BBC Radio 1

“You don’t have to be a farmer to be a young farmer, which is a brilliant motto because I love Young Farmers’ Clubs but don’t know very much at all about farming. Despite my distinct lack of farming knowledge, loads of YFCs have welcomed me to their events and farms and I’ve loved learning more about the countryside and what young people are getting up to! I’m proud to be an Ambassador for Young Farmers’ Clubs – as they offer a social life, an opportunity to learn new skills and a place to achieve great things! Let’s celebrate how great our YFCs are this National Young Farmers’ Week.”

Adam Henson, presenter Countryfile

 “How fantastic to be part of an organisation that is nurturing our next generation of farmers and exciting young people about the industry and our countryside. I’m always interested in seeing new ideas and businesses that are benefiting our rural economy and so many of them have used their YFC connections to get started and to thrive. Happy National Young Farmers’ Week – enjoy all the benefits being part of a YFC brings!”

Jimmy Doherty, Jimmy's Farm

“Rural communities really benefit from having a local Young Farmers’ Club, whether it’s through their madcap fundraising, hard work on local projects, fun rallies or because they develop some successful rural entrepreneurs! It’s not easy starting out in this industry, as I know from my own enterprises, but having a ready-made network of contacts through NFYFC must be a definite boost! YFCs teach young people skills for life and create a social network in remote locations where loneliness would otherwise prevail. This National Young Farmers’ Week let’s celebrate how much our YFCs give back to their local communities and how they are shaping a more positive future for rural young people.”

 Meurig Raymond, NFU 

“As a former member, I know that Young Farmers’ Clubs have a special place in the hearts across the farming industry and rural communities, and rightly so. Not only do they offer a fun social life for rural young people, but they also nurture many of our next generation of farmers, offering a place to learn new skills and develop the confidence to succeed. It’s great to be supporting National Young Farmers’ Week.”    

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