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Entry form tips

Spending time to complete a nomination form can mean all the difference to making it into the final.

NFYFC has invited some leading industry figures to help judge the 2022 awards and it's YFC members’ chance to really impress. Providing enough information about your achievements is essential and conveying it succinctly is also important.

1. Always give details and references to explain to the judges more about the achievements of the person you are nominating. Don’t assume they are aware of your work or actions.

2. Provide references, such as links to positive coverage the nominee gained for their achievements.

3. Really demonstrate the impact of the nominee’s achievements. Did their actions help others? Did it change and improve processes? Has there been any long-lasting impact?

4. Include links to any projects or activities that might be relevant to the nomination.

5. Keep to the word limit – the judges have a lot of nomination forms to read, so make sure your nomination sticks to the main points and shows impact.

Good luck!

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