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Agriculture and rural life lies at the heart of the YFC organisation.  It’s where many of us live, work, study, socialise and take an active part in our community.  We welcome anyone who would like to join our YFCs and the varied programme it offers.

Our democratic membership structure means that we have various county, area and national gatherings to discuss our input to programmes and the running of the YFC organisation.  YFC AGRI - a group of regional YFC members who represent YFC members and an NFYFC staff member - hold three AGRI Futures meetings a year at a central location in the Midlands to discuss programme planning and delivery. We then share our work and plans with the national Council meeting.  We have a living AGRI Ambition document which highlights our aims for Your Future Countryside.

The YFC AGRI Ambition comprises the following topics and you can see further detail by visiting the full document:

  1. Rural Community
  2. Food and Farming
  3. Innovating our Future

YFC AGRI is responsible for a diverse range of work: representation of young farmer views nationally and regionally; a varied programme of training, events, visits and resources for all YFC members, supported by various funders; responses to relevant rural and agricultural industry and government consultations as well as information exchange and positive PR. AGRI work and suggestions are also represented within the NFYFC Source, Curve training modules, competitions and available industry training, offers and affinity deals. Young people recently surveyed told us there was not enough information about affordable rural housing so YFC AGRI joined forces with English Rural who have created this informative guide.

The group’s work is available for all YFC members. It’s relevant for anyone who has an interest in agriculture and the countryside. YFC AGRI welcomes YFC members to get in touch with questions and suggestions and play an active part in forthcoming events. 

Keep track of news on the AGRI Officer Facebook page, the NFYFC news section of the website and all NFYFC social media posts @NFYFC

NFYFC AGRI Newsletter

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Who do we work with? 

The AGRI steering group has representation on, or works with, the following organisations/initiatives:

NFU    Back British Farming     TRIG      LEAF      CLA        CEJA      AgriSkills        AHDB       AHDB Education

Next Generation Forum       #Student Farmer          Defra           Lantra        LEAF Education      British Wool

Innovation for Agriculture   Henry Plumb Foundation     Worshipful Company of Farmers

See the AGRI Ambition document here and the AGRI position paper: Considerations for a future British Agricultural Policy

Looking for industry training and events? Visit AHDB sector-specific events.

Kuhn Farm Machinery offers YFCs the opportunity to make factory visits to their UK headquarters at Stafford Park 7, Telford, Shropshire, TF3 3BQ on weekday evenings. If you would like to organise a tour for your YFC, contact

Get involved 

The Source has some fantastic advice about how clubs can incorporate agriculture and rural issues in their club programme. Click here for more information. 

LEAF Education (formerly FACE - Farming and Countryside Education) - has produced a special pack for YFCs with all the information you need to go into schools and create a buzz about farming!

Ensure your voice is heard and help shape the future of agriculture with this handy "How To Make A Difference" Guide, in association with the NFU. 

Social media is also a great way to promote your club and what your club is doing to champion British agriculture and the future of farming.

The NFYFC has also created a very handy AGRI Help / AGRI Library document to help your YFC as well as Brexit Made Simple and Local Enterprise Partnerships - Understanding local and regional sources of funding.

The Smart Farming Guide provides advice on business development from YFC competitions to running and growing your business.

CEJA and European News

Keep up to date with the European Council of Young Farmers (CEJA)  – Europe’s next generation of farmers.

You can follow all CEJA and European news by subscribing to the CEJA newsletter.

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