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Recruitment & Retention Campaign 2016 

Being a YFC member is great! An active social life, a varied competitions programme, the opportunity to learn new skills and travel the world – what’s not to love about Young Farmers!

We all take pride in our wonderful Federation and want to continue spreading the word about why 10-26 year olds should join their local club – regardless of whether they are from a farming background or not.

That is why, thanks to sponsorship from the Rural Youth Trust, the NFYFC has launched a Recruitment & Retention Campaign for the 2015/16 membership year!

We are challenging all 48 county federations and 630 clubs across England and Wales to increase their membership levels and help spread the word about why being a Young Farmer is so great!

The purpose of the campaign is to help raise the profile of Young Farmers’ Clubs across England and Wales. We want to encourage non-members to join their local club and begin their amazing journey through the world of YFC. At the same time, we want our existing members to continue renewing their membership and remind them of all of the great opportunities that come with being a Young Farmer.

The aim of the campaign is to strengthen the organisation and ensure its future as the largest rural youth organisation in England and Wales, but also to help with the advancement of young people from rural communities, both in their education, career and social mobility.

More Than Tractors 

There is a cliché about our Federation that you have to have a farming background or work in agriculture to become a Young Farmer. Nothing could be further from the truth!

Anyone with an appreciation for the countryside and an interest in rural life can join their local club. Many of our members do not come from a farming background and have joined up to make new friends, enjoy a dynamic social life, develop their skills, take part in competitions and make the most of the other benefits that come with being a YFC member.

We want to get the message across that being a Young Farmer is about so much more than tractors

Read the story of one Young Farmer who can't get enough of Young Farmers, despite having no background in farming...

YFC Do It Best

What stops Young Farmers from renewing their membership? Age? Relocation? Cost? Lack of interest or engagement?

Whatever the reason, we believe that for every reason somebody wishes to leave, there is a perfectly good reason for them to stay.

We never want to see people leave Young Farmers and we want to remind those members, who are thinking of leaving Young Farmers, of the great opportunities that  they will miss out on if they choose to leave.

We want to champion Young Farmers’ Clubs across the country and encourage people to get behind their club and Young Farmers as a Federation. We want to prove to people exactly why YFC Do It Best!

National Young Farmers' Week - 19-25 September 2016

As part of the NFYFC's Recruitment & Retention campaign, sponsored by Rural Youth Trust, we are staging "National Young Farmers' Week" from 19th-25th September. This will be a week dedicated to telling the whole world just how great it is being a Young Farmer  - and we are calling on all clubs and counties to get involved!

Each weekday during ‘National Young Farmers Week’ will consist of a theme relating to the opportunities available to all 25,000 of our members. Click here for further info...

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