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What stops Young Farmers from renewing their membership? Age? Relocation? Cost? Lack of interest or engagement? Whatever the reason, we believe that for every reason somebody wishes to leave, there is a perfectly good reason for them to stay.

One Young Farmer who was thinking of leaving was Ben Cavill of Falmouth YFC:

"When I first moved away to university I considered not renewing my membership because it might not have been the 'in thing' within the university environment. But within a couple of hours of arriving I had already met multiple Young Farmers from across the country, all of whom had experienced similar things through being a member and it was then that I realised how much YFC meant to me."

"Extended Family"

Ben has been a member of Falmouth YFC in Cornwall for five years. In that time, he has been the club’s Secretary on two occasions, Programme Secretary, and Vice-Chairman:

"My passion for Young Farmers is ever growing and is fuelled by the skills that I pick up, the people that I meet and the opportunities I am given along the way. I am regularly referred to within my own county as “Mr YFC” because of my strong passion and dedication to young farmers.

Young Farmers to me isn’t just a group of likeminded people, it’s my extended family. A group of people that I care about and would do anything for – and I would be fairly certain that the feeling is mutual within most clubs across the country."

Opportunity knocks

Young Farmers has helped Ben with his own personal development. Through attending YFC events, he has made lots of new contacts and because of this, the career opportunities open to him have vastly increased.

"In September 2012, I undertook an NVQ in Team Leading as part of Cornwall YFC’s Skills Development Programme which gave me the skills and understanding to manage my club efficiently when managing club events. 

"I have taken part in a number of competitions throughout my time with YFC and in 2011 I was placed 4th at the National Finals in the Creative Writing Competition followed by becoming the Cornwall YFC Junior Member of the Year in 2012.

"Through attending NFYFC Steering Group and Council meetings, I have picked up a whole new understanding of how the federation works and have learnt where the organisation fits in the youth sector and within the rural community. 

"In January 2015 I joined the Event Management Team for the NFYFC Annual Convention which opened up a number of new doors for me. The five days spent in Torquay involved long hours, a lot of hard work and a lot of rushing around – the benefits of which though were spending time with, and getting to know the Radio 1 DJ’s. This fitted in very well with the event management – particularly weddings and wedding bars that I do back in Cornwall."

Moving away to university

In October 2014, Ben moved away to university, which meant taking a step back from the officer team of Falmouth YFC:

"This for me was a highly daunting thing to do as I had been so heavily involved for a number of years. Despite living 220 miles away in Cirencester, I still make as much time as possible to head back to Cornwall and take part in club nights, activities and county events as well as always being available over the phone to support my fellow club members. My YFC ventures take me all around the country but Falmouth YFC is where my heart will always lie."

So why does Ben renew his YFC membership every year?

"My YFC membership card is one of the most important cards in my wallet and I am proud to show it wherever I go. The opportunities that rise through being a Young Farmer are immeasurable compared to that of other youth organisations and I have achieved a number of things that I never thought I would."

At the NFYFC, we never want to see people leave Young Farmers and we want to remind those members, who are thinking of leaving our Federation, of the great opportunities that they will miss out on if they choose to leave. 

If, like Ben, you are having doubts about whether to renew your membership or not, then there are plenty of people within Young Farmers to talk to. Your fellow members, your club chairman, county chairman, county organiser - there are plenty of people who can speak to you and help encourage you to stay.

You can also talk to us. There is a dedicated team of full-time staff at the NFYFC who are just a phone call away. Give us a ring on 02476 857200 or email us at

Let us prove to you that #YFCDoItBest!! 

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