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As part of the NFYFC's Recruitment & Retention campaign, sponsored by Rural Youth Trust, we are staging the second ever "National Young Farmers' Week" from 19th-25th September. This will be a week dedicated to telling the whole world just how great it is being a Young Farmer  - and we are calling on all clubs and counties to get involved!

Each weekday during ‘National Young Farmers Week’ will consist of a theme relating to the opportunities available to all 25,000 of our members:

Monday - Agriculture & Rural Issues
Tuesday - Travel
Wednesday - Competitions
Thursday - Training and development
Friday - Social and leisure

This campaign is driven by our membership so remember to encourage your local dealers/branches/offices to make contact with their local YFCs too.

On each day, we will feature a story about a YFC member who has benefited from each of these opportunities, simply because they are a member of a Young Farmers' Club.

We need your help to promote our wonderful Federation - but don't just take our word for it! Here is what our new celebrity ambassadors Scott Mills and Chris Stark have to say:

Scott: "Young Farmers should make their week fun and get a message across. We’re aware of how hard they work – but they also know how to let their hair down a lot, which is good."

Chris: "Encouraging people to join this amazing community that aren’t necessarily working in the fields is basically what Scott and me are hoping to represent. It’s great for us to support as non-farmers and we want to encourage other people to join who are similar to us, who maybe didn’t even know about NFYFC. During National Young Farmers’ Week, focus on what makes you really proud about being a Young Farmer and represent what you love about it through all the fun stuff you do." 

However you choose to get involved is entirely up to you, but whatever you club or county choose to do to celebrate 'National Young Farmers' Week', tell us about it! Simply use the hashtag #NationalYoungFarmersWeek or #ThanksToYFC on Twitter or your club / counties Facebook page.

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