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What does YFC mean to me? Taking an active role in the organisation 

Laura Watts, 21, Canterbury YFC, Kent

Run for young people, run by young people… That’s the real difference that YFCs offer young people that other youth organisations don’t.

There are lots of fantastic organisations that give young people a chance to be part of something and to develop but they’re usually run by older people. One of the great things about YFCs is that we run the clubs ourselves.

And the skills that you learn in running your own club are valuable throughout your life – skills such as organisation, planning, negotiation, public speaking and leadership.

I used to hate presenting in front of the 12 people in my university classes but after holding positions in my club I now really enjoy it.

My first major role was as Club Secretary, which I did for two years. Being a Secretary involves taking minutes at meetings, and sometimes arranging where meetings will be held. Now I am now Programme Secretary I organise the activities we hold every Thursday. These include Club talks – we’ve invited speakers from Cancer Research, the RNLI, Kent Search and Rescue and the Farming Community Network to present to club members.

It means I’m always contacting new people and finding ways to encourage them to visit our club, and ensuring I meet deadlines and get everything organised in time. What has surprised me is how much I am enjoying meeting these new people and being the spokesperson for the club. It has really boosted my confidence and improved my time keeping.

The great thing about our Club is that you can get involved as much as you like – but you don’t have to take on a role. As well as the roles that I have done – Club Secretary and Programme Secretary – we also have a Chair and Vice Chair, who run the Club and represent it at County meetings, and a Treasurer.

But we also have smaller roles for marketing, including social media and getting photographs for the shows we go to, a social team in charge of arranging trips away, and a sports and competitions team. Anyone who is interested can go for those positions.

And there is always enough experience around to help people if they get stuck. My sister was Club Secretary before me and when I took over, she was there explaining what needed to be done and also giving compliments when I was doing something well. Now, when I am passing on to someone, I use what she told me to help them. Everyone helps each other when they need it. 


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