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What does YFC mean to me? Helping others

Caroline Nixey, 22, Henley YFC, Oxfordshire

Flying to Jamaica with YFC to help a school for children with special needs combined two of my favourite things about Young Farmers.

Young Farmers love to help other people – whether that’s a valued charity, your local community or disadvantaged children 4,500 miles away!

I was lucky enough to earn my place on the Jamaica trip after applying through the YFC Travel Programme. It’s a fantastic way to see the world at a fraction of what it would cost to do on your own. There are opportunities to spend months in countries like New Zealand and Canada, as well as all over Europe.

But the Jamaica trip – which was only for two weeks – was just right for me. It gave me the chance to see another country, meet lots of other YFC members, and do some good without impacting on my other commitments in the UK.

Together with 11 other YFC members we helped a home for children on the island with special needs to be more sustainable by setting up a potato farm for them.   

We turned the land and planted the potatoes by hand as there was no machinery to help us. At the end of the trip, we all clubbed together and bought them a hosepipe. That might be an everyday item in the UK but in Jamaica without one they would have been carrying buckets of water back and forth to pour on the crops.

I met a great group of people on the trip – you make friends for life through YFC, whether in your own club or from around the country. And you know they’re always there for you, whether that’s on the end of the phone or face-to-face.

I’ve remained friends with some people from school but it’s not the same. Not everyone in YFC is a farmer or involved in farming but we all have a connection, whether it’s through a love of the outdoors or something else.

Now I’m at teacher training college and the confidence I have gained through my experiences with YFC is going to be a great asset in the classroom.



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