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21 July 2022

A silver seal award and time spent shearing in New Zealand, helped Murray Craig from Cumbria win the Sheep Shearing national final at the Great Yorkshire Show in July.

Murray, who has been part of Penrith YFC since he moved from Scotland to the county for work five years ago, beat last year’s winner Ciaran McNulty to the top spot.

“It felt great to win. I didn’t think I had got it and thought I was third,” said Murray who works on a farm in Cumbria. “I clip a lot of sheep and someone I know encouraged me to take part in the competition. I have spent time in New Zealand shearing too and you shear a lot of sheep there.”

Murray grew up learning shearing skills from his father who does hand shearing.

“I was always going to shows with him as a kid and met all the big shearing boys that way and they told me to get booked on a course,” said Murray who wishes he’d used the 50% discount for the Blue Seal training when he did this course a few years ago before taking his silver. More than 100 YFC members took advantage of the discounted Blue Seal training course offered by British Wool this year.

“The British Wool courses are ideal – you always pick up a few things that you have changed or got wrong. There’s always going to be sheep to shear and it’s a good skill to have and you can make a lot of money from it. If you want to go into farming you need money behind you no matter what. It’s a very handy way for a young person to make some of the cash needed to get into farming.”

Ciaran McNulty from Northumberland, last year’s winner, came second place in the competition and Bob Hargreaves from Lancashire came third.

The full results can be viewed here.

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