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21 July 2022

Getting involved in NFYFC’s sports competitions has introduced YFC members to new activities, with teams admitting it has been great for their physical and mental wellbeing.

Tom Greetham was part of the Leicestershire men’s Dodgeball team, which is made up of members from Wymeswold YFC, and he said it had helped give the club a new active focus.

“In the build up to competition finals, we’d book a sports hall and spend an evening down there and get everyone involved from the club. I get that sports isn’t for everyone but in Young Farmers, no one judges you whether you’re good or bad,” said Tom who found practising for the competition gave the senior men in the club something active to do.

“We are only a small club and sports is the one thing we pride our club in. We try 100% every time we do sports,” continued Tom who used to play for the Leicestershire County Cricket team.

“When we made it through to the final, I was proud enough of the team as it was and then to go on and win it was one of the best moments in Young Farmers.”

The Ladies Rush Hockey also inspired some future players of the sport in Cumbria. Rachel Armstrong, Vice Secretary of Greysouthen YFC, was part of the winning team and plays hockey regularly.

“It’s brilliant that we get to play sport with YFC and get everyone together. In previous rounds there were people playing the sport and it turned out they really loved it and decided to join their local hockey club. It really enhances sport in and outside of Young Farmers,” said Rachel who had to call in help from neighbouring clubs for the final due to some of the players having other commitments.

“We didn’t practice together before the final but most of us play hockey regularly for clubs in the county. I got through to the national final last year for Netball but we didn’t do very well in that – we only won one game! This year was a great opportunity. We weren’t expecting to win at all.”

In the Ultimate Frisbee competition, which was supported by the Reta Lila Foundation, the Yorkshire team came first after playing a lively game on a hot morning in Staffordshire.

NFYFC is grateful to the support of judges, stewards and volunteers who help make Sports Day happen.

The final score sheets can be seen online here.

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