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17 July 2022

With temperatures predicated to reach 40 degrees during the heatwave, YFCs are reminded of the precautions they should take to keep members safe.

Attending events usually increases exposure to heat and direct sunlight. Individual behaviours often change. For example, people may be reluctant to use lavatory facilities due to long queues and so purposely reduce fluid intake. This can lead to heat related illness, dehydration and/or collapse.

If there is increased exposure to heat:

  • Provide temporary shaded areas at the event locations
  • Reduce the need to queue (efficient check in, additional staffing, or staggered entry)
  • Divert strenuous activities for cooler days or cooler periods of the day and provide an alternative, less strenuous programme for hot days
  • Inform attendees of the dangers of extreme heat - prepare advice and display it (health risks and preventative measures) and provide emergency phone numbers - additional signs, digital screens and make announcements regularly.
  • Ensure an adequate supply of drinking water. it is advisable to provide free drinking water.
  • A map of local public air-conditioned spaces where people can have respite from the heat may be useful.

If there is a severe heat emergency, in addition to the above:

  • Consider moving date, location or cancel event in extreme heat alert.
  • Ensure immediate relief for people in emergency and provide transport to first aid/health unit.
  • Ensure good airflow in spaces – open all doors/windows and use fans.
  • Be aware of medical needs. People with asthma, heart disease and/or other additional chronic conditions are health sensitive to heat.
  • Alcohol worsens effect of heat.
  • Ensure adequately trained first aiders are present.
  • Notify authorities as soon as there are incidences of heat illness.

Food service:

  • Provide water-rich foods such as salads, yoghurt
  • Ensure that food is kept cool to prevent contamination.

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