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14 July 2022

With a surge in younger members joining YFC and taking on leading roles in their clubs, Junior Member of the Year winner Henrietta from Dorset, is eager to represent them.

Henrietta, who lives on her family farm and is currently studying for A Levels, won the top title after competing for the second time at the national final. She first got to the final in 2020 when she took part in an online version of the competition due to pandemic restrictions.

Henrietta believes the increase in her YFC experiences helped her to win the top spot.

“It’s one of those competitions that you can build on each year. As soon as you have your PowerPoint, you can build on it, move things around and improve your synopsis. When you’re my age you’ve got such a good shot at it, it’s worth having a go,” said Henrietta who has taken part in many competitions. “It’s such a great competition and it really promotes those presentation and public speaking skills that I already harvested earlier on in YFC.”

Competitors are required to give a presentation as part of the competition and Henrietta spoke about her role as Club Secretary and her position on the national Youth Forum. It is through these roles Henrietta hopes to influence change in YFC.

“I’m hoping to bring the views of club secretaries and officers that are younger in age to the Youth Forum. I’d like to promote our views as we’re the ones running the clubs,” said Henrietta who is also keen on representing the voices of members in the South West Area.

“After Covid we have become a much younger membership and a lot of us are really taking advantage of those opportunities more than we did before the pandemic. We are looking at good opportunities in terms of travel and more ways to compete and learn through training days and things like that.”

Henrietta can influence changes in YFC through her role on the national Youth Forum, which is made up of the seven finalists from the Junior Member of the Year competition and an elected representative from each of NFYFC’s seven Areas.

The Junior Member of the Year competition is kindly sponsored by Tama.

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