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10 December 2020

In a bid to back British farming and support the family farm, sisters and YFC members Jessica and Philippa set up their own business to sell their Belted Galloway beef.

Q. Tell us about your business?

A. My sister Philippa and I have decided to sell our Belted Galloway beef to help keep our farm going, make people aware of why they should ‘Back British Farming’ and enable people to have quality meat this winter and over the Christmas season.

We calve and rear the grass-fed cattle ourselves. We want to promote the benefits of eating our low-fat, high-quality beef. We deliver locally, and our business model supports low food miles and knowing where your food comes from.

Q. Where did your business idea come from?

A. We used to have saddleback pigs and so having Belted Galloway cattle matches the theme of a stripe! Having bought some Belties a few years ago, we decided to sell some meat to friends and family and have now decided to open it up more so everyone can have quality produce.

We run the business in between our university studies, as it’s essential at these times for our own farm and also to promote the values of British farming. 

Q. What is your role in the business?

A. From chasing cows round a field to delivering meat, both myself and Philippa do everything that is needed.

Q. What are your most popular products?

A. Steaks are always very popular! Our Christmas bundle, which contains a mixture of everything, is also proving popular.

Q. How busy are you in the run up to Christmas?

A. As we have just started promoting our business, we are now busy selling meat and we hope more people are planning to have beef for Christmas as we have plenty of nice joints available.

Q. How has the pandemic affected your business?

A. Covid has had its ups and downs – people have less disposable income to spend and many tend to think that buying from a small local business means it will be more expensive. We are in fact cheaper than a lot of big supermarkets and our meat is of a high quality. There are people who want to support local businesses though and once they taste our meat, they come back for more!

Q. How can people buy from you?

A. Currently we have our Facebook page, where people can place orders for a local delivery or collection is available too.

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