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Guidance for sponsorship or challenge events

If your YFC has decided it wants to raise funds through an activity for another charity and you’ve got an idea of what you want to do, here’s some top advice for making the most of it:

1. Risk Assessment 

Do a risk assessment and check whether the activity will be covered by your club insurance. Consider any reputational risks as you are representing a YFC charity too. The roles and responsibilities of people coordinating the activity should be determined early.

 2. Contact the charity 

Get in touch with the charity you are fundraising for – they will most likely have staff ready to help and advise you and give you resources. They may also be able to provide you with sponsorship forms and tell you what platform they are registered with for online donations.

3. Use digital platforms  

To maximise donations to the charity try to encourage donations through the digital platforms, for example JustGiving and using the sponsor forms, that way the charity can claim gift aid on donations (worth another 25%).

4. Keep funds safe  

Any cash that you collect needs to be carefully logged and securely kept – whether under lock and key or in a ringfenced part of your charity bank account.  If counting money then two people should be present. You should try to avoid funds going through your YFC bank account if possible and pass any cash to the charity as soon as possible.

5. Celebrate your achievement 

When your activity is finished celebrate your achievement and tell NFYFC too so we can share the news. If you record how much you have raised by the end of the membership year and inform Sandra Bromley at NFYFC, you might help your club win the Lionel Hill Trophy for raising the most amount of funds per member for charitable causes during the membership year or your county federation could win the Prince of Wales Trophy for raising the most amount of money per member for charitable causes.  


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