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A partnership that is helping to spread the farm safety message with a whole lot of fun along the way!

It's difficult to make the topic of 'farm safety' an exciting one but a new campaign is catching the attention of Young Farmers by throwing a bit of laughter into the mix. Not that farm safety is a laughing matter – farmers account for 15-20% of all workplace fatalities, making it the UK’s most dangerous profession.

But safety campaigners recognise that getting young people on board is key to changing attitudes and so humour is essential for spreading the word.

The Farm Safety Foundation, which was launched by NFU Mutual in 2014 is using Yellow Wellies as its campaign name and image and asking farmers ‘who would fill your boots?’ in the event of an accident or death.

It’s a hard-hitting message but one that is being backed up by Young Farmers! The campaign has hooked up with the NFYFC’s Youth Forum, and members are helping them to take their show on the road.

The Youth Forum is made up of the grassroots members and the NFYFC of the future. They are the voice of 18 year olds who are getting into the industry.

"They are so passionate and enthusiastic about what they do and the energy they have is just contagious. It makes me feel very confident about these people who are going to drive our safety messages forward.” 
Stephanie Berkeley, Farm Safety Campaign Specialist.

It’s a partnership that Youth Forum Chairman Amy McWhirter from Lancashire FYFC (pictured top right) feels makes perfect sense. “Farm safety is a huge issue and we are looking forward to working together to connect with our members to raise awareness in a fun and accessible way. Using the yellow wellies icon gives the campaign vavaaavoom! Members of the Forum have had farm accidents so we understand why this is important.”

Large inflatable Yellow Wellies are a key feature of the stand at the shows. A series of educational workshops are also taking place at agricultural colleges across the country and plans are underway with the HSE for mini workshops to capture more young people – not just those in education.

That’s where Amy and the rest of the Youth Forum will help in spreading the word. “This is not just an awareness campaign, we want to actually change attitudes before it’s too late. We don’t want anyone to have to find someone to fill their boots.”

The Youth Forum will be joining the Yellow Wellies team on the YFC stands at several shows and events this year so it would be lovely if you would come along and meet the team and learn more about Farm Safety educational programmes, Mini SHADS and ambassador programme. 

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