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Annual Convention 2018 FAQS

NFYFC is issuing regular updates about the incidents that occurred in Blackpool during the May Bank Holiday weekend. Please see our FAQs below for more information that may answer your concerns. If they do not answer your concerns, please contact and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

What happened in Blackpool over the Bank Holiday weekend?

The National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs held its Annual Convention at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool. Unfortunately in the town centre, there were a number of incidents in the town involving anti-social behaviour. Some of these incidents were recorded on cameras and have been shared with the Federation and on social media.

What is NFYFC”s Annual Convention?

Annual Convention involves NFYFC’s national competition finals in Performing Arts, Dancing and Senior Member of the Year. The organisation also hosts an agricultural forum, involving industry speakers and partners to discuss topics that affect the future of the sector. The weekend also includes the Annual General Meeting, with presentations from members reviewing the year and making important decisions on the future of the Federation. Evening entertainment includes guest DJs and bands in the Winter Gardens. Our competitions involve members aged 10-26 and are a showcase of the skills and development our young people have learnt over the year.

Is this event always held in Blackpool?

No, the event in recent years has been alternated between Torquay and Blackpool.

Have you been banned from other host towns, such as Torquay?

No, the Federation has not been banned from Torquay or any other town where Annual Convention has been hosted.

What plans are put in place ahead of NFYFC’s event in Blackpool?

NFYFC works very closely with partnership agencies in the town, including the local police, Blackpool Council and the tourist board. We also work with local businesses and send out materials to hotels where we know young farmers will be staying.

The organisation also runs a behaviour programme and presentations are made to all clubs in advance of their attendance at the Convention. Our Code of Conduct is posted on the website, printed in the programme guide, printed on posters around the venue and sent to hotels and B&Bs.

What are you doing about the anti-social behaviour that occurred in Blackpool?

The Federation is now carrying out its disciplinary process to ensure that those involved in causing anti-social behaviour are removed from the organisation.

These people cannot be identified publically for legal reasons. NFYFC is taking this issue very seriously. All of the incidents that occurred over the weekend, not just those caught on cameras, are being investigated and appropriate action will be taken with the support of the relevant local authorities.

Who will pay for any damage caused to Blackpool during the weekend?

Where individuals have been or can be identified as causing damage they should be expected to pay for any repairs. Any images or information that identifies individuals or groups causing damage can be sent to and the NFYFC will assist with investigations.

Some hotels operate a deposit system, as they do for other groups, to cover this eventuality.

Due to the numbers of people arriving in the town, bars and clubs do prepare their venues for a very busy weekend in order to avoid damage to the premises.

The NFYFC organisation cannot pay for damages that are alleged to have been caused by YFC members.  If there is damage and the individual or a group can be identified, the NFYFC help to find these people.

Criminal damage should be reported to the Police.

Will NFYFC be hosting its Convention in Blackpool in 2019?

A full and detailed review of the Convention weekend is being carried out by the NFYFC, Blackpool Council and other stakeholders working in collaboration to examine the viability of the event in the town.

Will you be hosting another Annual Convention somewhere else?

NFYFC is reviewing the viability of the future of the whole event due to the incidents that occurred outside the Convention venue.

How many people attended the event in Blackpool?

NFYFC sold 6,100 tickets to its Convention at the Winter Gardens. There will also have been additional tickets sold to spectators at our Performing Arts competitions, which will include friends of family of the performers. We recognise there was also a group of people (numbers unknown) that came to Blackpool and did not attend NFYFC’s event at the Winter Gardens. Some of these people may not even be our members. 

How many members do you have and what ages are they?

NFYFC has 23,500 members aged 10-26. We also have associate members who are aged over 26 but these are generally members of our Council or Club Leaders wanting to give back to the organisation.

What is NFYFC about and why do people join? 

NFYFC is one of the largest rural youth organisations in the UK dedicated to young people who have a love for agriculture and rural life.

Led by young people, for young people, our Young Farmers' Clubs provide their 23,500 members aged 10 to 26 with a unique opportunity to develop skills, work with their local communities, travel abroad, take part in a varied competitions programme and form friendships.

There are 619 Young Farmers’ Clubs in England and Wales dedicated to supporting young people in agriculture and the countryside.

What does your organisation do to encourage responsible drinking?

As well as providing notices around the venue of the event and in advance of the Convention about safe drinking, NFYFC encourages its clubs to host a Know Your Limits training session, which discusses how to enjoy alcohol safely, information about alcohol unit contents of drinks and the physical effects on the body.


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