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17 May 2021

Some careful financial planning has helped Alnwick YFC weather the Covid-19 storm and the club’s Treasurer Rory Straker is now looking forward to brighter days ahead.

Q. What have the challenges been for your club committee during lockdown?

A. Keeping members involved and engaged, and trying to think of new activities to do virtually, as the enthusiasm for Zoom quizzes soon wore thin!

Q. How did your keep members connected during lockdown?

A. We have taken part in some quizzes (who hasn't?!), video challenges and a virtual pumpkin carving competition. Northumberland as a county has also been fantastic at organising Zoom meetings with various businesses and charities too.

Q. What have you learned from the experience?

A. Young farmers are a committed and resilient bunch that can prove their versatility and passion for YFC in difficult situations.

Q. What are the challenges for you in your role as treasurer?

A. During lockdown, we've tried to organise various activities to keep our members engaged and feel like they're getting something out of their membership fees. The biggest task at the minute is organising sponsorship and the admin side of our 3 Peaks Challenge.

Q. Have you found your role more challenging because of lockdown and the pandemic?

I wouldn't say it has been more challenging – different, maybe. Because we haven't been going anywhere that we usually would pre-Covid, our expenditure has dropped, but we are still pretty active on the sponsorship front. Our members are very good at keeping up to date with subs too. I know for certain we are all eager to get back to Young Farmers’ balls and parties so that'll be the busy time for any club treasurer.

Q. How are club funds?

A. We are in a good position financially. We hosted our County Rally in 2017 and set up an account then with the money raised. The account’s purpose is to support our members with any training courses/travelling costs relevant to YFC and, if required, emergency funding for the main club account. We thankfully haven't needed it, but it's good to know we have that cushion.

Q. What is your club doing now that face-to-face meetings can take place again?

A. The 3 Peaks Challenge is our main activity at the minute but we are in the process of organising a summer programme to include trips to our local beaches, BBQs and potentially some water sports and boat trips. We have access to some fantastic activities in our region and we have a lot of catching up to do after the past year of no face-to-face meetings. We are all very excited for YFC to return. 

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