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09 April 2020

Volunteering to work on the frontline during the Coronavirus was important to YFC member and student nurse Hollie Brookes, 19, from Uttoxeter YFC. Hollie is only in her second year of training but despite the nerves, is leaving the family dairy farm behind to work on a placement in a busy city hospital. 

Q. Why are you training to be a nurse?

A. I started my nurse training in March 2019 and have just started my second year. I have always enjoyed working with people and it made sense to go into a nursing role so that I could make a difference.

Q. Are you volunteering?

A. I have volunteered via the NHS so that if anyone in the area needs any deliveries or is in any trouble I may be able to help. I am also part of a Uttoxeter support group on Facebook that anyone can join!

Q. How are you feeling about working on the frontline during the crisis?

A. I am nervous about going into the Accident and Emergency ward in hospital, as with any ward like that, it can be unpredictable. I am aware that current doctors and nurses are stressed and at high risk. However it’s the right thing to do and hopefully I can be of some help in this difficult time.

Q. Will you need to isolate from your family?

A. Before going on placement I will help on the family dairy farm when needed. However, once back in hospital it would be unsafe to travel home whilst working,  as it would be a risk and my family understand that this has to be the priority.

Q. Has your YFC been supporting you?

A. My YFC friends have been really supportive and helped to keep me motivated, the community spirit within YFC is strong. 

Q. Are there any skills you have picked up through YFC that you think will support you in your role?

A. The confidence that Young Farmers has given me has helped me immensely with my communication skills in a hospital setting. This includes being able to talk to all age groups and I feel like I can turn my hand to almost anything because of the sheer variety of things I have done with YFC.

Q. Have you managed to stay connected to your YFC and what are you missing the most?

A. YFC have been able to keep all members involved through the use of social media. Uttoxeter JNFU is particularly creative with keeping members connected. I miss the social aspect of YFC and all the events which allows clubs across the county to come together.

Q. Do you have any advice for YFC members?

A. Stay connected, keep healthy and stick to Government guidelines so we can get through this faster.

If you are a key worker who is working during the Coronavirus and would like to be profiled, please email

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