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27 November 2019

YFC can open up lots of opportunities to get involved in industry groups that can help broaden your experience. Nicola Palfrey from Somerset FYFC shares her involvement as a YFC representative on one such group.

What do you do?

I am the NFYFC Tenancy Reform Industry Group (TRIG) representative. The group advises on measures that assist the tenanted sector within the agricultural industry and aims to maintain and invigorate the sector.

Why is YFC a part of TRIG?

The NFU, CLA and TFA are amongst the stakeholders who attend the meetings and represent their members’ views so it’s particularly important that young farmers are represented and provide input to this industry group.

What do you discuss at the group?

The latest meeting was held in early November at the Defra offices in London. We had hoped to review the response to Defra’s tenancy consultation held earlier in this year, but were unable to do so due to the election campaign. However, there was much conversation from all stakeholders at the meeting regarding different types of farm and land occupation both now and in the future, with the obvious consideration of politics and future policy change that will impact on our farming future.

How can other YFC members get their voices heard?

I’m delighted to take up the mantel from our previous TRIG representative Rebecca Heal and hope that you will share any thoughts or concerns regarding tenancy or rural land occupation with me or our AGRI member of staff so that we can represent you at the next meeting.

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