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Christmas fundraising

The festive season is a peak time for charitable donations and a great opportunity to launch a Christmas fundraising campaign and have some fun!

Thank your supporters 

After another tough year, it’s important to thank your supporters. Thank you certificates, social media shout-outs, mentions in press releases, photo opportunities, letters/emails or phone calls are all positive ways to reach out.

Update your Christmas card list 

Make sure you have a full list of stakeholders and supporters. Remember to put more into those you most need to engage. One nice idea is to circulate an entire pack of cards at the start of a YFC meeting and invite everyone to sign them.

Giving Tuesday – Tuesday 30 November.  

This global day of giving encourages everyone, everywhere to do something to support the good causes that mean so much to them. 

You can volunteer your time; donate money; share your skills; campaign for something; donate goods, food, or clothes; organise a community event such as a street or park clean-up or a coffee morning. It is a day to give back by supporting a cause close to your heart or doing something good for your local community or someone in need. It’s also a good opportunity for your YFC to encourage donations to your YFC or to get everyone together to support your local community.

Digital Christmas Tree 

If you’re looking for a Christmas fundraising idea have you considered a digital Christmas Tree?  

Organised by Visufund, you can create your own online fundraising page and encourage supporters to pay to turn on a light or hang a bauble on your digital tree.  

It’s free to get involved – find out more here.

Watch out!  

Christmas sometimes brings out the worst in people...  The charity commission has been campaigning to raise awareness that some people will try to collect ‘for charity’ and keep the money for themselves. Their advice is that “Whilst incidents of fundraising fraud are rare, they do sadly occur. Don’t be put off from giving – instead, help keep charities accountable by using the resources available to make checks when giving this season.’ The #SafeXmas acronym below might be helpful for you if you are approached to donate money, and likewise be aware if you fundraise for your charity you can be challenged on the good practice tips below…

  • Search for a charity’s name, registration number and landline on fundraising materials
  • Ask to see a collector’s ID badge and don’t be afraid to ask questions
  • Find the FRSB tick logo, showing that the charity’s fundraising is regulated
  • Ensure the collection device is sealed
  • Xtra information about charities can be found at
  • Make sure clothing collection bags are clearly branded with a charity’s details
  • Always check email and web links are genuine before donating
  • Still unsure? Contact your favourite charity direct and donate




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