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What is CEJA?

CEJA is the voice of Europe’s next generation of farmers and one of the key advocates for the agricultural sector in Europe. Based in Brussels, it brings together young farmers' organisations from across Europe with the main objective of promoting a younger and more innovative agricultural sector across the EU and to create good working and living conditions for young people setting up in farming as well as existing young farmers. It has 29 member organisations and one associate member, representing 21 different European countries and over one million young farmers.

CEJA’s main objective is to promote a younger and innovative agricultural sector across the EU 27 and to create good working and living conditions for young people setting up in farming and those who are already ‘Young Farmers’. CEJA achieves this by acting as a forum for communication and dialogue between young farmers and European decision makers.

Why is it important for our members?

By being a member of CEJA, NFYFC is able to actively lobby on real life issues that affect our members and be at the centre of the debate regarding European Agricultural Policy (for further information click the CAP Reform tab above). Attending meetings allows our members to gain a better understanding of European farming methods and the opportunity to meet and engage with young farmers from across Europe.

The National Federation of Young Farmers and the NFU Next Generation Forum members have entered into a new joint venture in sharing the membership representation on CEJA -The European Council of Young Farmers . This enables young farmers to attend pan-European working groups, seminars and conferences in a bid to influence policy makers and industry to put young farmers’ needs and aspirations high on their agenda.

In addition to attending CEJA meetings and seminars, our representatives will be given the opportunity to enter into discussions with agricultural ministers, relevant MPs and government officials and represent the needs of English and Welsh Young Farmers directly with the Agricultural Commission. As CEJA members, they will be given an audience with Members of the European Parliament and an opportunity to visit the European Parliament to give a voice to the issues that affect them.

What else does CEJA do?

CEJA is also involved in a number of pan-European projects that focus on young farmers. These projects range from

  • Promoting farming practices that find practical ways to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions on farms.
  • Addressing the problems of an ageing workforce and young people leaving the countryside
  • Working with other youth organisations such as the European Youth Forum

For further information about the projects CEJA is involved in please visit the CEJA website.

Meet our CEJA representatives

Charlotte Middlebrook, Kate Wainwright, Harriet Wilson, Greg Colebrook, David Goodwin, Richard Bower, Rory Loftus, Richard Mottershead, Caryl Hughes,  Jake Sayer, Olivia Richardson (NFU Next Generation Forum) and James Hutchinson..

Your NFYFC AGRI reps have been busy at CEJA working group meetings, feeding thoughts into position statements.

For all the latest news from CEJA visit their website here

UK CEJA Seminar

NFYFC and NFU Next Generation Forum were delighted to host a UK CEJA Brexit working group meeting and Brexit and Beyond Seminar in March.

NFYFC and the NFU Next Generation Forum enjoy joint membership of CEJA,  the lobbying voice for Europe’s next generation of farmers. 



Forthcoming CEJA events:

  • 23-26 August- CEJA General Assembly and joint Seminar with ZSPM in Slovenia (Kate Wainwright and Olivia Richardson will represent YFCs)
  • October  -  CEJA working group meeting in Brussels
  • 8-10 November  -  joint CEJA seminar with SMA CR - Czech Republic
  • 3-4 December (Brussels/Ypres): CEJA’s 60 Anniversary

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