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Learning resources 

Giving YFC members the opportunities to progress further in the industry and to share their views on its future is one of our key aims.

Working with partners across the industry, we have created a range of resources to support members in farming and rural life. From guides to starting up a rural business to learning more about careers in the sector, our work ensures YFC members make the most of future opportunities.

You can download a copy of the AGRI Library here, which provides links to lots of agricultural organisations. 

Here are some of the resources available:

Fit for Future Business Guide – working with the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) 

A new online guide has been created for young farmers to help with their career and business planning during an uncertain period of agricultural transition. Developed by NFYFC in partnership with the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT), the online Fit for Future Business Guide is one component of a three-part Building Skills project, funded by Defra, which also includes bespoke training for YFCs.


Promoting food and farming in schools – working with LEAF

NFYFC created a Future Farming pack with LEAF that’s available for YFCs to use in schools (when restrictions allow). It tells the story of food and farming with a range of career options to help Year 9 pupils who could be your future YFC members! It’s a great way to build local links, promote food and farming – and of course YFC. When you advertise what you do, there’s a whole range of future members out there who’ll be glad to join in with YFC online activities and be future members of YFCs.

Download a handy guide for YFCs that was produced in association with LEAF Education and Countryside Classroom to get you started.

The Countryside Code 

The CLA has partnered exclusively with Leaf Education to develop extensive resources for teachers to promote safe, responsible and enjoyable use of the countryside to young people. 

Check out the materials here.

You can also use the materials produced by Natural England to help promote the Countryside Code on your social media channels. Find out more here.  

Promoting food provenance – working with NatWest

Designed and created by NFYFC's Youth Forum, "Watch that Cowpat!" is a fun way of helping to promote “field to fork” education and teaches children about where their food comes from. Find out more here. 

Smart Farming Guide – working with Savills

If you're looking to set up a rural enterprise and want some advice on where to start, then this website is for you. Developed with Savills, the content includes advice on writing your business plan, seeking funding and a raft of case studies. There's also the outline for a YFC Business Development competition you could run in your club. Visit the website here.   

A Guide to Showing – working with RBST

For younger members who would like to prepare for future shows, you can start brushing up your skills with NFYFC and RBST’s Showing Guide here.  




A guide to starting the succession conversation – working with Sian Bushell and AHDB

NFYFC created a short succession video first (below) with the support of AHDB and Sian Bushell Associates, to help YFC members start the difficult conversation about succession planning. A guide was available produced (here to be used in conjunction with the video. NFYFC has also developed a Curve training module too, which focuses on succession, which is called Ready and Resilientsee video preview here that can be delivered during a club session.

Advice on affordable rural housing

If you or members in your YFC are concerned about affordable rural housing in your area, why not check out the YFC Affordable Rural Housing Guide that was created with English Rural. See the guide here. 


Business and tenancy training advice – working with Savills

NFYFC recorded a podcast with Savills to offer business and tenancy advice to young farmers. You can listen to the podcast online here and download the accompanying guide. 

Understanding crop protection – working with Crop Protection Association and Sean Sparling

NFYFC, with the support of the Crop Protection Association and Sean Sparling, produced an informative film to help YFC members understand the benefits of crop protection. 

How to make a difference  

Get advice on lobbying, campaigning and how to make a difference in YFC and in the wider agricultural community that was created in conjunction with the NFU. Download the guide here.   

Understanding the climate change net zero ambition – working with the NFU and Championing the Farmed Environment (CFE)

NFYFC has produced a new Climate Change Guide to help YFC members who want to help the industry reach net zero carbon emissions by 2040. You can find out more here. 

Introduction to Farm Assurance – working with SAI Global Assurance

Working with SAI Global Assurance, NFYFC helped to produce a podcast-style recording to help spread the positive message of farm assurance for future farming. The project aims to build awareness around the importance of farm assurance in building a resilient future for the industry and environment. 


Career and industry insight – working with Kuhn Farm Machinery UK

A new informative podcast series has been developed by Kuhn for YFC members that is aimed at supporting career development and providing insight on key industry topics. Listen to the latest recordings here.  

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